The Evolution Of Animation Creations

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In the good old days creation of animations had a tough beginning where the creators had to go through each image one at a time and draw every single image identically with a slight movement or step forward. Once the images are ready, moving or changing one image to another in set pace creates a motion to the audience by which the birth of animation took place. As a result the creation of animation was famed by the name cartoons as a result. This being the beginning of the animation industry, the next mile stone or rather the next step in the evolution of animation and the rest of the milestones followed by is identified as follows.

The Shift of Celluloid

Even during this era web video production Brisbane did not take place and the animator had to draw each image by hand which was a very tedious and time consuming task. However, the celluloid method was referred to a way in which the images were drawn in cells or rather layers in a transparent sheet of paper. The transparent cells or layers are placed together in front of the camera lenses in order to create a combined frame of images. This method is much more advanced than the frame drawing method although this was considered a much more tedious and difficult task than the frame drawing one.

The Revolution of Computer Animation

The revolution of computer animation took place with the development of technology which revolutionized many other industries along with the animation industry. As a result the use of computers were increased in this industry similarly like in other industries and as a result the use of computer animation came into play. In computer animation what is being done is that the same picture in placed on a stripe of virtual canvas and the movement of the picture is changed slightly in each picture according to the timeline which creates a continuous movement which became a cartoon at the end of the day. However, this was still 2D pictures which later evolved into 3D.

3D Animation

This is the technology or rather the most reliable corporate video production that are available even as at today which are mostly present in movies like, Toy Story, How to train my dragon, Incredibles etc. which gave much more of a realistic image in the show. This was much more challenging to create which was also used in movies like Terminator Judgement day as a part of the movie. Today this has been evolved to live 3D effects which creates a much better experience to the audience through the use of 3D glasses.  

Looking at the above facts and figures, it’s quite evident that we have come a long way in this industry since 1920s.


Published:August 2, 2017

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