Mistakes You Should Not Make When Building Your House

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We are humans and we make mistakes. That is totally alright but there is one catch to making mistakes when building your house, that is you have to live with till for a long time until you decide to sell or move out of the house. The good thing about building your own house is that you will be able to have the way you want make sure you don’t want live in a house of mistakes made by someone else. Here are a few common mistakes people make.

Lighting – All the rooms must be properly lit. If you have not enough windows some rooms might seem dark even during the day. You might have to bulbs to light up the room during the day. That is extra electricity that you will have to pay for every day. Having too many windows might even be troublesome. You can’t place your furniture over the windows. Plan together with your new home architect from Camden about lighting system very thoughtfully.

Get all your documents and plans done by the draftsman and discuss with your family as they are also going to live with you.

Kitchen – The location of your kitchen is important. You don’t want to carry your groceries through all over the house to get to your kitchen. It is best if it is located somewhere close to the dining room and the backdoor or garage.

Laundry room – The decision of deciding where the laundry room goes is entirely up to you. There are houses with laundry in the basement and some near their bedroom or washroom. It is up to you because it depends on your likes and lifestyle. If you want it to be somewhere separate you can have it in the basement or somewhere near you can have it near your bedroom.

Extra rooms – We tend to have extra rooms in our houses for different purposes. It can be a guest bedroom, play room or gym room. Before thinking of making these rooms think of how much will these rooms be utilized. There is no point in having a guest room if you rarely have guests coming over to stay. There is point of a play room if you don’t have kids to play in them or a gym room you don’t plan to exercise regularly. Being practical is the best way forward.

One last thing we should think about is where we place our switches and plug points. It has suit where we will place the tv, laptop, and other electronic devices, it has to go together. For this you will have to have a good idea in your head when thinking things through.


Published:September 27, 2016

Interior & Exterior Designs

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